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Let’s face it if you’re running a business you have an Anti-Virus of some sort. Most of the time you have an office administrator who’s in charge of controlling and monitoring IT personnel/team, but instead of focusing on security most companies are mainly worried about their budgets.

Is this person even keeping track of who’s infected? usually, the answer is NO, you can be swimming in malware and think just because you have a so called anti-malware program that everything is going to be alright. Meanwhile, you are constantly upgrading software and attending meetings to add even more programs onto your computers but no one is asking the right questions.

And even if you are asking the right questions do you truly believe that a sales guy of all people is telling you the truth about how secure their product is? That’s like asking your mechanic if you really needed those front and back brake pads you just paid for.

Work with a company with a clear and honest approach to business a team that will actually not only try and stop malware but give you advice about how to make your job easier; life isn’t just all about working – you should be able to take a day off without having to worry about what happened on the news.

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