Tired of fake followers?

Have you tried everything to build a following base off of Instagram? Spending hours and hours following random people on Instagram only to have those same people you followed a day a go unfollow you?

How about hiring someone for 6 dollars an hour to do the same thing you just do but even worse all they do is get you, 2000 fake followers than you wake up in the morning excited to see 2 likes every day. It gets even worse if you have an online store and you’re planning to turn 2 thousand fake people into clients?

How about finding a good Instagram Bot – guess what? Instagram hates bots. instagress.com shut down, Massplanner.com shut down.

What do you think Instagram is going to do when they find out you’re using a bot. You’re either losing your account or they will give you a short ban, so you can kiss all those followers you just paid for good bye.


So whats the good news how do I build up Organic followers? Well for starters – followers are people and they want you to follow them just as bad as you want to be followed. They want someone to add FRESH content and interact with their page. YES, Instagram is pretty much a Full-Time job!

Here’s the real good news we have 6 US based Marketing Engineers who specialize in Instagram and not only can we manage your account we can tell you who to follow and what to do to gain those extra real followers. Because they even penalize you when you use too many hashtags. Stop spending 6 dollars an hour for fake followers and let us help you gain a real following for as low as 22* dollars an hour.

We are ranked #1 in Social Media Marketing on Upwork but don’t take our word for it look for yourself:  http://bit.ly/upworkprofileHILL

You would be surprised how many real followers you can gain in a day – find out today contact-us

Read some of our reviews:

“Guys I don’t know what is it you want, but trust me and take my words HES YOUR GUY!! very professional, and understanding. helps and knows everything. I will definitely be working with him in the long run. my advice, stop looking around and just hire this guy. I have started a business and I was completely confused and lost. had no idea what to do or how to start. he helped and gave me that push start I needed. thanks, man! really appreciate it”

Julio Ramos L.E.R INC

I had a pretty large following on Instagram already (45k) but I was losing a lot of followers every day. Joshua told me that they could help with the overall management of the account and help me get back into the green. I was excepting it would take them a couple days to get my account going again but in a matter of the first day, I was already seeing new followers. I highly recommend Josh and his team to anyone who needs social media marketing.

@foundmycup Instagram.

We had spent thousands on marketing and 2 weeks before launching our new website we realized that we had over 50 thousand fake followers. We started to panic and of course, went on google, we didn’t know what to do. We found Joshua’s business and they told us that they have worked with people in our shoes before. What we really liked was they were professional and available when we needed them. We had hired people in the past and we could never get a hold of them. I owe the success of our company to Josh and his team, a big thank you from the Midnight team!

Amy L.

We run a small clothing store in Jamaica queens NY and for years we have been struggling to get our foot in the door. My wife forced me to write up this review, she said: “Joshua’s people are one of the honest and hardworking people she has ever worked with”. I’m a very prideful man so I always put my family first when it comes to my business if it wasn’t for Hill we wouldn’t have had a business. So thank you, guys!

Azibo Elliot – Jamaica Fashion.

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